SSR Lifesciences AND Johnsonville

Precise Customization to Your Application and SOP

Our work with you begins with thoroughly understanding your needs and designing a detailed SOP that completely aligns with your specifications and requirements. We then assemble the resources – in quality, research and development, operations, supply chain, engineering and finance – from across the SSR and Johnsonville networks to make it happen. 

Our customized solutions include:

Customer-focused harvesting. Timing and technique of source-animal harvesting can be an important variable in meeting life science specifications. We’ll work closely with you to customize harvesting practices to minimize your need for additional processing. We’re committed to adding value that reduces your overhead and investment. 

Process to specifications. We provide you materials in the condition that optimizes your efficiency. Procurement specialists at our harvest sites work in controlled medical material rooms to extract, trim and assemble materials precisely to client specification. Materials can then be processed to meet highly specific SOP requirements, including:

Bioburden reduction
Material debridement
Arterial/vein preservation related to organs
Washing/rinsing processes
Viral inactivation
Tissue layer separation
Tensile strength testing
Tissue and organ sizing
Lot separation and tracking

All medical material room personnel are trained in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and follow SSR Lifescience’s own rigorous quality and product safety protocols.

Temperature control and preservation. From harvesting to delivery, we control temperature and other preservation requirements to optimize our materials and comply with your specifications. This begins with initial cooling of materials immediately after harvesting in ice- chilled saline baths or with CO2, and subsequent processing in refrigerated environments. Processed materials are frozen to your specifications. Our experience includes freezing to temperatures as low as -80°F.

Custom packaging and on-time delivery. We’re experts in packaging our materials to maintain target temperature and tissue integrity during shipping. To ensure on-time delivery, the SSR team designs a work process in accordance with each customer’s SOP that incorporates every step from harvest to shipment. Depending on the need, our overnight delivery solutions may include FedEx, UPS, LTL (less than truckload) or customer pick-up programs. We communicate with customers when orders are shipped and follow through to ensure materials are received on-time and in proper condition.

Our Strategic Partnership Model

We are committed to your success. Far more than a supplier, SSR Lifesciences engages with medical device developers, pharmaceutical companies and academic research organizations as a full-service strategic partner. We offer:

Broad flexibility in establishing reliable supply chains for highly specific materials, regardless of projected-volume, traceability or other life science requirements. Our agility, resources and expertise in the industry give us the latitude to meet your changing needs, now and in the future.
Access to in-depth expertise from an industry leader with over 70 years of experience in animal sourcing, quality control, logistics and conformance to industry and regulatory standards.
Participation in advisory boards, planning sessions and/or roundtables aimed at exploring new possibilities for leveraging porcine materials for next-generation research or product development.
A strong willingness to explore joint ventures and/or business partnerships aimed at advancing life-science innovation.

We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your immediate and long-term needs, and to discuss how we can further your strategic objectives. Contact us today to schedule a  meeting.