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At Sustainable Swine Resources (SSR), we are at the forefront towards sustainability in the swine industry. As a provider of high-quality porcine materials, our commitment extends beyond the supply chain. In collaboration with PQA+ certified farmers, SSR is spearheading a sustainable swine revolution that prioritizes environmental responsibility, animal welfare, and full utilization of animal tissue. Join us as we explore how SSR is paving the way.

Partnering with PQA+ Certified Farmers for Sustainable Farming Practices

At SSR, we recognize the vital role that farmers play in sustainability. Our collaboration with PQA+ certified farmers ensures the implementation of cutting-edge and environmentally friendly farming practices.

From waste management to responsible antibiotic use, we’re dedicated to working together with farmers who share our commitment to sustainability.

Ensuring Transparency and Traceability in the Supply Chain

Transparency is paramount in our supply chain. We ensure traceability from the farm to the final product. Our commitment to transparency empowers customers to make informed choices and underscores our joint dedication to ethical and sustainable practices.

Supporting Research and Development

We are dedicated to advancing sustainable practices in the swine industry through strategic investments in research and development. By committing resources to identify and promote environmentally conscious approaches, we aim to contribute to the long-term sustainability of the swine industry.

Full Utilization

As the name suggests, Sustainable Swine Resources, our commitment to sustainability is at the core of everything we do, particularly in the utilization of high-quality porcine materials. We strive to look out for our animals, maximizing their value to enhance human lives, sustain other animal populations, and promote overall well-being. We ensure the total utility of the animal by working in partnership with customers who utilize essential porcine materials and products for various industries.

Join us in The Sustainable Swine Revolution, where SSR is pioneering a new standard for sustainable swine production. Together, we’re not just suppliers – we’re collaborators, committed to reshaping the future of porcine tissues for the betterment of our planet, our animals, and the communities we serve.

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