Johnsonville's Sustainable Swine Resources


The SSR Lifesciences management team has a passion for supporting a sustainable business that contributes to novel life science and biotech innovations. 

Leveraging Experts Across the Johnsonville Organization

SSR Lifesciences partners with experts across the Johnsonville organization, including key functional areas such as Logistics, Food Safety/Quality, Operations, Research and Development, Engineering, Animal Procurement and Finance.  


Teresa Oium-Zube

Teresa Oium-Zube is an accomplished agribusiness and operations director with more than 30 years of operations, strategic planning, and more.


Jessica Freeman

Jessica Freeman is the Business Development Coordinator responsible for partnering with current and prospective clients as well as operations management.


Dale Perez

Dale Perez is a Research and Development Scientist. He leverages his background in science and research to evaluate opportunities for investment.


Duane Draeger

Duane Draeger is a Commodity Purchaser and Sales Coordinator. In his current role, he is focused on production planning and meat purchasing for Johnsonville.