Our Facilities

SSR Lifesciences sources porcine materials from three Johnsonville facilities (abattoirs) located in Wisconsin, Illinois and Kansas. Our process begins with outlining the customer’s product specifications and standard operating procedures (SOP). We assemble a team of experts across our network to identify processes that will deliver customized high-quality porcine materials. As part of the Johnsonville organization, we engage experts from across procurement, operations, quality and distribution.

SSR Lifesciences has the ability to utilize designated medical-material rooms at some of the abattoirs, when there is a need for a controlled environment and specific preparation steps for porcine materials. The rooms are staffed by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) trained personnel who process, inspect, package, and ship porcine materials according to the SOP defined in partnership with our customers.

Johnsonville’s highly controlled abattoirs are United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspected with on-site USDA and internal Johnsonville personnel regulating rigorous safety and quality guidelines and programs.