Five Pillars of Success

Our success in providing you medical grade porcine materials is based on five pillars or essential values that define who we are and what we do every day:                      


Consistent with the practices and values of Johnsonville, LLC, we are committed to the well-being of our animals. It is our moral and ethical obligation to ensure our animals are treated humanely and that we strive to meet and exceed industry animal welfare and husbandry guidelines at all times. We continuously improve equipment and facilities, educate our members in ethical treatment practices and actively pursue new technology to further enhance our handling practices. Learn More


SSR stands for Sustainable Swine Resources, and we stand by the principles of sustainability in the use of high-quality porcine materials. We strive to be the best stewards of our animals, using all of the animal to improve, prolong and save human lives and to help feed and advance the health and well-being of animals. We ensure full utility of the animal by working in partnership with customers who utilize essential porcine materials for medical products across several industries. Learn More


We focus on lasting partnerships with our customers to address their needs and strive to be the global leader in supplying reliable porcine materials. Our process and approach to working with our customers starts first with understanding their needs and specific requirements. We work closely with our customers to design the best process to deliver quality, customized materials that consistently meet their requirements and operating procedures.  


Our organizational culture is based on exploration, experimentation, continuous learning and discovery. We seek critical feedback from our customers and research partners to continuously innovate and improve our practices and processes for delivering high-quality porcine materials.     


We follow rigorous quality procedures that meet or exceed industry and regulatory standards. We are committed to mitigating risk and promoting quality for our customers and research partners through continuous improvement of our supply chain management and verification, safety and quality systems.