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Committed to sustainable partnerships in the use of

high-quality, porcine materials for life science research

and medical applications.

SSR (Sustainable Swine Resources) Lifesciences is committed to creating sustainable partnerships with life science companies and researchers to provide high-quality, reliable porcine materials for use in improving, prolonging and saving lives. SSR Lifesciences is a division of Johnsonville, LLC, which has been in business for more than 70 years.

At SSR Lifesciences, we build partnerships that begin with an understanding of our customers’ needs. We utilize our deep expertise in working with porcine materials to design a process for delivering high-quality, reliable materials that meet detailed specifications for commercial or research use in biomedical devices, pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine and tissue fabrication. 

Our planning and procurement solutions reflect our customers’ vision and objectives, while being responsive to schedule and budget. We provide materials customized to meet defined specifications and support innovative research programs that result in lasting partnerships.

As part of Johnsonville, SSR Lifesciences is headquartered in Wisconsin. We are the largest U.S. supplier of sow materials and have extensive capabilities to procure other porcine animals (e.g. butcher animals, antibiotic-free) to meet the needs of our customers. Our connection to Johnsonville supports our strong commitment to the well-being of our animals with ethical and humane practices, as well as our dedication to the sustainable use of the animals. 


Our mission is to create solutions that add value for our customers, contribute to human and animal welfare, and improve environmental sustainability through responsible porcine harvesting, stewardship and waste reduction.